Let’s Talk Periods and Menopause: International Women’s Day 2023

(PLEASE NOTE: If you registered your attendance prior to Thursday 16 March, you will need to re-register due to a technical fault with the event page.)

Join us for our Central Event for this year’s International Women’s Day – an exciting interactive session open to staff and students.

This workshop, led by two guest facilitators and experts in this field, will help increase your understanding and awareness of the impact of menstruation and menopause and period poverty, and encourage you to speak up and tackle stigma associated with menstruation and the menopause.

Our speakers include:

Laura Coryton, Director of SexEdMatters

Laura led the petition against tampon tax, gaining 300,000 signatures which ended the “luxury” tax once applied to all period products. She also successfully lobbied the Government to establish the Tampon Tax Fund, which gave almost £100m to female-focused charities across the UK. Finally, her activism is set to change EU tampon tax legislation early next year. Laura is a published author, and wrote ‘Speak Up!’, a campaign guide for rebel girls.

Dr Claire Mann, owner of ChangeXtra

Claire created ChangeXtra in 2021 in response to her peri-menopause experience. It led to the development of a PauseTrack app which monitors menopause symptoms to help users make informed choices for their health. Claire and ChangeXtra has won Ingenuity – Female Entrepreneur of the year, Health Champion of the Year, National Health Impact Entrepreneur, NTU Enterprise, and Engineers in Business Champion of Champions. Claire has been featured on BBC News, Central News, Nottingham TV and in the printed press talking about menopause and health tracking.

Professor Chris Denning, Professor Stem Cell Biology

Chris Denning is a Professor for Stem Cell Biology at the university. He has led Project Period, an initiative that aims to end period poverty by enabling the distribution of free period products across the institution. Chris is a great advocate for ally-ship and creating safe spaces to demystify and educate those who have not menstruated or experienced menopause.

For any queries, please contact the EDI Coordinators.

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