Justin Mortimer exhibition

Djanogly Art Gallery Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday 11am – 5pm
Sundays 12noon – 4pm

Admission Free
Justin Mortimer’s canvases have been described as history painting for the present age, fragmented scenes hinting at political and social upheaval, and detailed unspecified acts of human cruelty and suffering. In his recent work, these scenes are typically enacted in an indeterminate space, often in scrub woodland at night illuminated by the flash of a camera or the sulphurous glow of a flare.

His subjects are never literal or explicit but operate on a viscerally emotional and psychological level, creating a general aura of malaise and foreboding. Frequently this darkly sinister mood is given a sharper edge through the introduction of an incongruous detail such as a cluster of party balloons.

Academically trained, and for the early part of his career a successful portraitist, Mortimer is one of a growing number of international contemporary artists – especially from eastern Europe – who have reinvigorated the tradition of figurative painting.

His imagery is gleaned from the internet and digitally collaged to create the starting point for his compositions. In this respect, the work has an affinity with that of Richard Hamilton (running concurrently in Gallery 2 p.10) who in his later years readily embraced digital media as a vital element of popular culture.

This is the first solo exhibition of Justin Mortimer’s work to be held in a public gallery, and has been organised in collaboration with Ben Tufnell (Parafin, London www.parafin.co.uk)

A range of workshops and activities linked to Justin Mortimer and Richard Hamilton will be running in Easter 2015. More information will be available in the next edition of ON and on this website in March 2015.

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