ICCSR Responsible Business and Cooperative Governance seminar

The International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility and Nottingham University Business School are proud to host a delegation from Ecuador, which includes representatives from national & local government including Ministry of Trade & Ministry of Planning, members of British-Ecuadorian Chamber of Industries and Trade and from the civil society and community side, the Indigenous leader & leaders of S2M Foundation (Ecuador).

As part of this event the ICCSR will hold a seminar on Responsible Business & Cooperative Governance: The Strategic role of the certification of companies through projects aligned with stakeholders. The event will include a combination of speakers from the Ecuadorian delegation and ICCSR.

Ecuador is a country of change and diversity. The socio-political and economic structural changes happening in the Republic are now an international case of study. The economic, social and political agenda it has embraced during the last 15 years, creates trends towards favoring the installation and spreading of extractive industries (mainly oil and mining), putting lots of pressure over its natural resources, and the life of ancestral communities, in special in the Amazonian region and its inhabitants.

The Hexagon Dialogue is an initiative of S2M Foundation oriented towards impacting positively in the actual social cohesion of six actors: public sector, private sector, NGOs, communities, networks, and international organizations.

They promote the discussion of sensitive issues among leaders of local, national, and international levels, creating opportunities for the gathering of visionary authorities, experts, researchers, and activists that create trends of debate and planning around win-win-win pragmatic projects that would help developing future positive expectancies on a “Sustainable Development”.

This year, S2M has convoked 10 institutions and at least 20 Hexagonal leaders from Ecuador that will dialogue internally and externally about their projects of Sustainability, Measurement and Mediation. The Ecuadorian group will have the opportunity to interact in an academic environment, with a group of at least 20 also Hexagonal British leaders, in order to share perspectives, projects, initiatives, and creating trends towards impacting in a responsible way.

Registering for the event:

You can register online and the event is open to all. If you have any general enquiries please email: iccsr@nottingham.ac.uk or telephone: 0115 8466976.

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