Historical video games, promotional paratexts, and the construction of authenticity[POSTPONED]

Dr. Esther Wright, from the University of Warwick, is going to present a paper outlining her current research into historical video games such as L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption, and more.

The talk will explore the way that the creation of paratexts and branding activities undertaken by developers like Rockstar Games seek to generate discourses of authenticity around them: namely by collating and repackaging historical ‘evidence’ into informative promotional materials, and drawing potential players’ attention to the wider cultural formations these games speak to and attempt to remediate.

Dr. Wright will also discuss how her research was conducted, as well as some future directions that might be taken in researching digital paratexts associated with video games.

Please note, this event has been postponed, apologies for any inconvenience.
Article updated 16/03/20.

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