Excel in Science Lecture: Conversation with a National Geographic Explorer

The University of Nottingham invites you to this special event with National Geographic Explorer, Dr Gibbs Kuguru and Assistant Professor in Applied Psychology at the University of Nottingham, Dr Charles Ogunbode.

Please join us for this insightful and inspiring conversation, hearing more about their work and experiences pursuing scientific and research careers.

Gibbs Kuguru

Gibbs Kuguru is a Kenyan shark scientist who studies the DNA of sharks. Working with Great White Sharks at a cage diving company, he has honed his shark wrangling and seafaring skills and applied them to a number of shark species including Threshers, Hammerheads, Blues, and Sand Tigers. Gibbs is using his genetic research to better understand the unique elements in DNA that shape the populations of sharks in the blue wilds of the world. As a conservationist, he advocates for the stewardship of nature where people use our planetary resources in a sustainable way that enhances biodiversity in our environment.

Charles Ogunbode

Charles Ogunbode is an Assistant Professor in Applied Psychology at the University of Nottingham. His research broadly addresses how personal experiences, media exposure, and social influences shape the way we respond to environmental issues. He also investigates the interrelationships between environmental engagement and psychological wellbeing.

About Excel in Science

Excel in Science is a University of Nottingham programme aimed at students who may feel out of place in the scientific field (usually due to gender, race, or a lower socio-economic background).

The programme works to affirm their place in the scientific community, with the ultimate aim of increasing diversity.

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