Blk this & Blk that…a state of urgency

In his first solo exhibition, Nottingham artist Michael Forbes explores themes of contemporary racial politics, migration, history, religion, and blackness/whiteness.

He works with sculpture, installation, and photography.

The artist’s new works, exhibited together for the first time, were conceived during the Covid lockdowns for his MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Beginning his artistic practice in photography, the exhibition includes two bodies of work.

The first, an ongoing project, documents vibrant Caribbean Street carnivals. The second series of designer fashion displays links his lens-based practice to recent sculptural work incorporating shop window mannequins.

Admission is free and the exhibition runs between Saturday 15 october and Sunday 30 October at:
Tuesday – Saturday, from 10am – 4pm
Sunday from 12noon – 4pm
Monday – closed

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