Black holes and the dark universe: Science Public Lecture Series

Much of the universe we live in remains hidden from our view.  Light cannot escape from the inside of black holes, and 95% of our universe is made up of the unknown substances dark energy and dark matter which do not give off any light.

In this series of talks, given by three successive holders of Leverhulme Trust Research Leadership Awards at Nottingham, we will explore how we can study these cosmological mysteries, even if we *cannot* observe them directly.

Professor of Astronomy, Nina Hatch will discuss how we can study dark energy and dark matter by observing ‘orphaned stars’ in dense clusters of galaxies.

Professor of Physics, Clare Burrage will discuss what dark energy might be, and how we may be able to detect it using table top experiments on Earth.

Professor of Mathematical Science,  Silke Weinfurtner will discuss how we can study black holes by creating analogues of them in the lab.

An optional tour of the ARTLab, the university’s experimental workspace for ArtScience research and practice, will be available at the end of the lectures.

For any questions about the public science lectures please contact Hilary Collins , Sally Nightingale or

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