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Introducing the Student Engagement Dashboard

The Student Engagement Dashboard has been developed to help colleagues identify students who require extra pastoral or academic support. […]

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Making student mental health a priority

The Universities Minister Sam Gyimah has written to all university Vice Chancellors in England, calling on […]

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Liquid children: reflections on the movements forced migrant children towards their ‘best interests’

The University of Nottingham Children and Childhood Network is pleased to announce its 2016 annual lecture to be delivered by Professor Ravi KS Kohli. The lecture will be followed by a reception at Highfield House.

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IT support software: MindView and Read&Write

Staff and students now have access to MindView 6 and the latest version of Read&Write 11 on […]

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The paradox of studying animal consciousness: can there really be a science of animal welfare?

There is a seeming paradox at the heart of a science of animal welfare. To be comprehensive enough to include what most people mean by animal welfare, it must involve understanding what animals consciously feel and experience. But to be a science, it has to embrace the one thing that biology finds the most intractable problem of all, namely animal consciousness. Professor Marian Dawkins, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, will explore this apparent paradox and whether there is, or could be, a way out of it.

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Traveling to and from Ebola affected countries over the Christmas period

As we approach the end of term, the University is aware that students may travel home […]

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Good times and bad times: the welfare myth of them and us

Based on his ground-breaking book, John Hills uses extensive research and survey evidence to challenge modern welfare stereotypes.

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