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United we stand, divided we fall?

The Effects of Parties’ Brexit Rhetoric on Voters.

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Neuroscience @ Nottingham poster and lecture day

Join Neuroscience @ Nottingham for a poster and lecture day. Posters will be on show from 2pm, and at 4pm Professor Paul Harrison, University of Oxford will speak on the topic of ‘Recent advances in schizophrenia genetics and their implications’.

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The paradox of studying animal consciousness: can there really be a science of animal welfare?

There is a seeming paradox at the heart of a science of animal welfare. To be comprehensive enough to include what most people mean by animal welfare, it must involve understanding what animals consciously feel and experience. But to be a science, it has to embrace the one thing that biology finds the most intractable problem of all, namely animal consciousness. Professor Marian Dawkins, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, will explore this apparent paradox and whether there is, or could be, a way out of it.

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Westminster Hall Debate on science and research in the UK and regional economies

On Wednesday 24 June from 9.30am to 11am, MPs from across the House of Commons and […]

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Synthetic mimics of protein structure and function

The Sir Jesse Boot Lecture 2014 welcomes Prof Andrew Hamilton from Oxford to discuss ‘Synthetic mimics of protein structure and function’.

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