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I, Spike: deciphering the brain’s own language

Join Professor Mark Humphries to learn more about computational neuroscience.

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Dr Anthony Ford: Neuroscience from Nottingham to San Francisco

Join us for a conversation with neuroscientist and Nottingham alumnus Anthony Ford, CEO of CuraSen Therapeutics.

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Neuroscience@Nottingham Day

Simon Laughlin, FRS, Emeritus Professor of Neurobiology, University of Cambridge, will give a talk on “Principles of Neural Design”.

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Neuroscience @ Nottingham poster and lecture day

Join Neuroscience @ Nottingham for a poster and lecture day. Posters will be on show from 2pm, and at 4pm Professor Paul Harrison, University of Oxford will speak on the topic of ‘Recent advances in schizophrenia genetics and their implications’.

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Neuroscience@Nottingham poster and lecture day

It’s poster and lecture day for Neuroscience@Nottingham on Wednesday 14 January from 2-5pm. Professor Thomas Nichols, from the University of Warwick, gives a lecture on ‘Modelling genetic variation in the brain with multivariate and mass univariate approaches’ from 4-5pm.

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