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Archipelagic Justice: climate, politics and environmental protection in Penghu and the Bahamas

The Taiwan Studies Programme is delighted to announce this seminar by Dr Karen Salt, Assistant Professor in Transnational American Studies, Department of American and Canadian Studies.

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Radical life on the Mississippi: a global history of the US Civil War

Please join us for this exciting talk by Professor Andrew Zimmerman, who will present his ongoing research on a global history of the US Civil War. Zimmerman is Full Professor in American History at George Washington University (Washington D.C.).

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Trump: the first 100 days

Please join the Department of American and Canadian Studies’ panel of experts on May 8, at the end of Trump’s first 100 days as President.

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Cacophony and coalescence: Cold War public diplomacy and the rise of the ‘Tiers-Monde’

During the first half of the Cold War, the superpowers endeavored mightily to “win hearts and minds” abroad through what came to be called public diplomacy. We will be joined by Jason C Parker, Texas A and M University for this lecture.

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Making it in business: from arts to The Apprentice and beyond

Rebecca Jeffery, Entrepreneur and Arts graduate, talks about how transferable her undergraduate skills were to a career in marketing. The former American and Canadian Studies student (2006 graduate) and 2016 candidate on The Apprentice, set up her own successful marketing and design agency with her sister Fi in 2013.

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Merchants of Men: How Jihadists and ISIS Turned Kidnapping and Refugee Trafficking into a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

Join us to hear from best-selling author Loretta Napoleoni, whose new book uncovers a disturbing trend in the continuing fallout from the post-9/11 Patriot Act: the massive number of people trafficked to fund terror organizations, which is “historically unprecedented.”

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America in the ‘Asian Century’

This one-day symposium, convened by the University’s Department of American and Canadian Studies and in association with the Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies, brings together leading scholars from across the globe to historicise and debate, through an array of regional and thematic prisms, North America’s increasingly tumultuous relationship with Asia.

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The Paris Commune and US Internationalism

The Department of American and Canadian Studies presents this talk from Dr J Michelle Coghlan, University of Manchester, examining the Paris Commune as a sensation and a lived practice of counter-remembrance in the long nineteenth century.

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Reconciliation and its discontents

This year’s Annual Canadian Studies Lecture will be given by Dr Audra Simpson (Columbia University, Department of Anthropology), who will speak on the subject of ‘Reconciliation and its discontents’.

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