Radical life on the Mississippi: a global history of the US Civil War

When the Civil War came to the states around Mississippi River in 1861, the struggle between secession and union was joined by revolutionary socialist émigrés from Europe, African American rebels against slavery, and evangelical anti-slavery fighters from ‘Bleeding Kansas’ and elsewhere. These groups helped create a winning ‘war-by-emancipation’ strategy for the Union Army by building on international experiences of armed struggle against slavery, against aristocracy, against capitalism, and for a wide range of secular and religious ideas of a just society.

Please join us for this exciting talk by Professor Andrew Zimmerman, who will present his ongoing research on a global history of the US Civil War. Zimmerman is Full Professor in American History at George Washington University (Washington D.C.). He will be introduced by Dr. Lorenzo Costaguta, Teaching and Research Associate from the Department of American and Canadian Studies.

This event is free but please register online.

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