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Trump: the first 100 days

Please join the Department of American and Canadian Studies’ panel of experts on May 8, at the end of Trump’s first 100 days as President.

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Pay It No Mind screening

Join us for a screening of Pay It No Mind, a film about the life of Marsha P Johnson, a revolutionary trans activist, Stonewall instigator, Andy Warhol model, drag queen and prostitute, as well as a downtown New York fixture. Part of LGBT History Month.

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America in the ‘Asian Century’

This one-day symposium, convened by the University’s Department of American and Canadian Studies and in association with the Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies, brings together leading scholars from across the globe to historicise and debate, through an array of regional and thematic prisms, North America’s increasingly tumultuous relationship with Asia.

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The early years of the Black Panther Party

Please join the Centre for Research in Rights and the Department of American and Canadian Studies for this special lecture by Dr. Joe Street to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party: “The Baddest Motherf****rs Who Ever Stepped Foot Inside History: The Early Years of the Black Panther Party.”

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Injustice – a film about the struggle for justice

Please join the Centre for Research in Race and Rights in association with Bright Ideas Nottingham, Embrace, Nottingham Black History Society, and the Nottingham Black Lives Matter chapter for a screening of Injustice (2001).

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Race, masculinity and citizenship: a dialogue on the American Civil War

Please join two Civil War experts for a discussion of race, masculinity, and citizenship during the American Civil War (1861-1865), hosted by the Centre for Research in Race and Rights.

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The power of American conservatism

Jefferson Cowie, Andrew J. Nathanson Professor of Labor History and Chair of the Department of Labor Relations, Law, & History, Cornell University, will speak on the influence of Conservatism on contemporary American society.

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No Drama Obama? Race and the politics of policing during the Obama presidency

As we approach the final year of the Obama era, this lecture will assess what became of a leader whose election in 2008 apparently heralded a new post-racial America. Has Barack Obama’s presidency delivered the kind of deep-rooted changes that were initially prophesised? Had Obama abandoned his core African-American constituency in favour of projecting a race-neutral approach designed to maintain centrist support? How do we assess Obama’s leadership on issues like policing in the context of the current Black Lives Matter movement that is challenging police brutality? What has become of Obama’s ‘no drama’ persona in this final period of his two-term presidency?

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Land of the free? Immigration and exile in today’s America

Please join the Department of American and Canadian Studies for its distinguished annual lecture, delivered this year by Professor Glenda Carpio of Harvard University, who will talk about multicultural America, new American identities, and the problem of exile in the land of the free.

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Postponed: Illness, infirmity and US foreign policy in the 1950s

Dr Bevan Sewell, Department of American and Canadian Studies, and the Health Humanities Network present ‘”I felt I ought not to have argued with this dying man” – illness, infirmity and US foreign policy in the 1950s’.

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