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A Global Look at Queer

Academics from the University of Nottingham share and discuss aspects of their favourite works in order to explore some of the less well-known dimensions of queer lives across the world.

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No Easy Walk to Freedom

Documentary screening, followed by a Q&A with Commonwealth decriminialisation activist and Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust, Paul J.Dillane. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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Queer Cinema as Art, Activism and Industry: Filmmaker Fan Popo in Conversation

A series of film screenings, director’s Q&As and workshops, presented by leading Chinese queer filmmaker Fan Popo. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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When an activist becomes an artist

London-based artist, feminist and LGBT activist Whiskey Chow shares her experiences and explores how art and activism interact with each other. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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Our marriages: when lesbians marry gay men

A film screening of Our Marriages: When Lesbians Marry Gay Men — followed by a Q&A with filmmaker and director He Xiaopei. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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Hooking Up: gay men, spaces and desire 1960-2018 [Suitable 16+]

An interactive lecture exploring experiences of ‘hooking up’ at three bench marks in time between 1960 and the present day. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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LGBTQ+: The Nottingham Experience

A panel discussion including representatives from the Nottinghamshire LGBTQ community. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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India at 70: Historical and cultural reflections on 70 years of Indian Independence

A free, one-day conference marking the 70th anniversary of India’s independence.

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The politics of culture

A workshop for postgraduates and academics presented by the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice.

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[CANCELLED] Political upheaval and the LGBT community: building resilience in a changing world

This event explores the changing political climate and its impact on minority groups, the LGBT community in particular. There will also be a discussion around the need for intersectionality and building resilience. Speakers will include Mel Jeffs, manager of the Nottingham Women’s Centre and Paula Akpan, co-founder of the “I’m Tired” Project and writer for gal-dem. Part of LGBT History Month.

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