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Pops and promos: speech and silence in professional wrestling

Dr Claire Warden, De Montfort University, presents the lecture, ‘Pops and promos: speech and silence in professional wrestling’.

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Anti-ageing in the twentieth century

Ageing is a process that will affect us all. Throughout human history we have tried to slow down and even reverse the effects of ageing. Dr James Stark (Research Fellow, Leeds Humanities Research Institute) will explore how and why a wide range of anti-ageing technologies and products gained popularity in the 20th century, how our understanding of ageing and youth has changed and reflect on what it means to age.

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Violence against women in India: is ‘culture’ the culprit, or structure?

The Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies presents the annual Tomlinson Memorial Lecture for 2015/16. Kavita Krishnan, Secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association, will speak on ‘Violence against women in India: is ‘culture’ the culprit, or structure?’

6pm, Thursday 3 March

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Haters gonna hate, hate, hate? Taylor Swift’s Deleuzean repetition and affirmation of love

This lecture offers an interpretation of Taylor Swift’s music through the theme of ‘repetition’, and using Swift’s work to introduce Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy of repetition and difference. Part of the Popular Culture Lecture Series.

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Am I the only person on the team who’s straight? Queer voices in Young Avengers

The politics of LGBTQ+ discourse has had a significant paradigm shift over the last few decades. With this change has come a deeper critique of queer representation and a focus towards intersectionality, with the goal of understanding notions of multiple identities and forms of oppression. Using the characters of Marvel’s Young Avengers as reference points, Ibtisam Ahmed (School of Politics and International Relations) proposes to examine four distinct questions of intersectionality currently facing the queer community.

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Celebrate LGBT History Month 2016

February is LGBT History Month, and The University of Nottingham is taking the opportunity to celebrate […]

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Upendo – film, discussion, performance

Join us for Upendo, an afternoon of film, discussion and performance exploring the LGBTQ community in Africa and its diaspora and issues of human rights, religion and philosophy. Part of our LGBT History Month 2016 celebrations.

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Breakfast on Pluto – screening and Q&A

Join us for a screening of the 2005 comedy-drama Breakfast on Pluto, written and directed by Neil Jordan and starring Cillian Murphy. The screening will also include an introduction and a Q&A session. Part of our LGBT History Month 2016 celebrations.

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Underground resistance – afrofuturism and the technonarrative of blackness

Patrick Henderson, School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies, gives this lecture on ‘Underground resistance – afrofuturism and the technonarrative of blackness’.

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Being Human 2015: A Festival of the Humanities

The Being Human Festival returns in 2015, showcasing the role that the humanities have in the cultural, intellectual, political and social life in the UK. This year’s Nottinghamshire theme is ‘Creative City’. The University of Nottingham, working with a range of external partners in the East Midlands, will hold a series of events focused on the city of Nottingham as a creative space and source of inspiration.

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