Upcoming Events - Public lectures & seminars

Avatars, sockpuppets and ventriloquists’ dummies: Selves and others online

3 April 2017

When web users express themselves they often borrow others’ bodies, faces and words to do so. YouTubers roleplay as their videogame avatars; users of Musical.ly mime to stars’ songs; Tumblr devotees punctuate their anecdotes with GIFs of Rihanna winking or Orson Welles clapping defiantly; trolls conscript cartoon frogs into campaigns of racist abuse. What do these acts of ventriloquism, citation, mimicry and impersonation say about digital culture, and about identity more generally?

Trump: the first 100 days

8 May 2017

Please join the Department of American and Canadian Studies’ panel of experts on May 8, at the end of Trump’s first 100 days as President.

The promotional imagination of film and television – inaugural lecture of Professor Paul Grainge

1 June 2017

From trailers and promos to ads and brand videos, promotional media have become a central part of contemporary screen life. This lecture explores the significance of the promotional short-forms that surround movies and TV shows.

A vision of successful pedagogy in the African context: the case of speed schools in Ethiopia

8 May 2017

This presentation focuses on the pedagogy enacted within Speed Schools, a complementary education initiative providing a catch-up education for out-of-school children in Ethiopia.

When liberal adult education and vocational training meet: the Folk Development Colleges of Tanzania

31 March 2017

A CIER/UNEVOC seminar presented by Professor Alan Rogers, Visiting Professor, School of Education. Alan Rogers, Visiting Professor in the School of Education, has just returned from a visit to the Folk Development Colleges in Tanzania after twenty years.

When the Uncertainty Principle goes up to 11

20 April 2017

Join us for quantum physics explained in rock with Professor Philip Moriarty.

Film screening of Hebei Taipei and roundtable discussion

27 March 2017

Join us for a screening of Hebei Taipei followed by a roundtable discussion.

Lunchtime Seminar: Relieving Stress with Chinese Tuina Massage

30 March 2017

This seminar aims to introduce the therapeutic benefits of Tuina massage and explain how it helps balance our health holistically. A number of simple acupoints will also be introduced and demonstrated so as to teach you how to relieve stress yourself using Chinese Tuina massage.

No sexuality please, we’re scientists: hidden diversity

11 May 2017

The University of Nottingham is pleased to welcome the award-winning Professor David Smith, University of York, who will be delivering a talk on how his LGBT identity has become an integral part of his research and work on public understanding of science.

Supporting young people with Autism: Research into practice

28 March 2017

To mark World Autism Awareness Week, the School of Education is hosting a free seminar to highlight findings from cutting edge research in the field of autism.