Upcoming Events - Public lectures & seminars

Prosperity in a time of economic uncertainty

6 March 2018

An Ingenuity breakfast event focusing on the theme of ‘Prosperity in a Time of Economic Uncertainty’.

Animals in our midst: how did pet-keeping evolve?

16 March 2018

Join John Bradshaw as he discusses the evolution of pet-keeping.

Squishy Biomechanics: spines, injuries and infants

11 April 2018

This one-hour lecture will take a tour of the biomechanics of some of the squishier parts of the human body.

Nottingham Impact Accelerator: Official launch event and Knowledge Exchange prize

22 March 2018

Find out about the internal funding streams available to support translational research and knowledge exchange, at the official launch of the Nottingham Impact Accelerator.

Supporting Students with Dyslexia

27 February 2018

A seminar presented by Samantha McFarlane and Joanna Parkes, Learning Support Team, Inclusive Education Service, Nottingham City.

Understanding the sensory needs of your autistic pupils and how access to learning can be dependent on environment

21 February 2018

A session supporting teachers both connecting empathetically with pupils on the autistic spectrum and developing a pupil centred approach to autism.

Reading well: exploring the new Leisure Reading Collection

1 March 2018

A set of talks by University of Nottingham academics and librarians — as part of World Book Day and University Mental Health Day.

mRNA methylation: Getting the message across

23 March 2018

Join Professor Rupert Fray, Professor of Epitranscriptomics, for this free talk.

The complexity of teacher professional growth and ‘wicked’ educational leadership

6 March 2018

Presented by Phil Taylor, Associate Professor, School of Education, University of Nottingham.

Dynamic technology for dynamic mathematics: Desirable teacher knowledge and practice

8 March 2018

Presented by Dr Alison Clark-Wilson and Professor Celia Hoyles, University College London.