University wellbeing resources survey

March 14th, 2022

The university is seeking your views on the wellbeing resources that we have available and how easily they can be accessed when you need them.

As we emerge from the pandemic and our personal wellbeing continues to be challenged like never before, it is important that all staff are aware of the resources that are in place to provide support and that these resources are suitable.

We recognise that there are many far reaching influences on our wellbeing, work itself being one of them, and these resources themselves cannot resolve some of the influences that challenge our wellbeing and may lead us to seek support, but they can help.

This survey gives you the opportunity to tell us what you think about the content, quality and ease of access of the wellbeing resources available to staff and where you think we can make positive changes that will help support your wellbeing.

The university is committed to driving change during this recovery period and this survey is one of the first steps. Feedback received will be used to inform one element of a wider university action plan for staff wellbeing overseen by Professor Katherine Linehan, Pro Vice-Chancellor for EDI & People.

The survey can be found here.

It should take about 5-10 minutes to complete and all responses submitted will be anonymous.

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