Training sessions to help with wellbeing

October 19th, 2020

The Professional Development department and Dr Xenia Pestova will be teaming up to host two free online wellbeing sessions for all staff.

The sessions are designed to help people with practical advice and techniques to ease anxiety, increase mindfulness and improve general wellbeing.

Thursday 29 October, 11am-12 noon – Digital Device Detox: Reclaim Your Life
Do you feel overwhelmed by the growing demands to increase screen time? This free online workshop will introduce mindful computing strategies. We will learn how to take simple steps to redefine our engagement with technology without giving up connectivity. The theoretical framework will be supplemented with accessible practical interventions grounded in movement and breathwork for anxiety management to add to your toolkit of support strategies.
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Friday 6 November, 11am-12 noon – Breathwork for Anxiety Management
During this session we will lean about the “anatomy” of the breath, look at strengthening the lungs and the immune system and discover the science behind breathwork for anxiety management.  Participants will be guided through a series of practical breathing exercises for balancing the autonomic nervous system.
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About the instructor
Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett is a concert pianist and fully-certified yoga instructor.  She uses yoga-based breathwork and movement interventions to coach individuals and groups in anxiety management.

*image courtesy of Rachel McCarthy

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