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Bunker mentality: the family fallout shelter in US thought and culture

Tom Bishop, School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies presents this lecture. Although now the subject of satirical retro-futuristic depictions in video games and TV shows, the family fallout shelter and the question of ‘to dig or not to dig’ once occupied a central and very serious place in U.S. culture. With the release of Bethesda’s Fallout 4 set to bring these debates back to the forefront of US popular culture the time seems right to re-examine the origins of shelter culture and its depictions in film, literature and on screen.

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Gay rights in the US: the promise and perils of patriotism

The Department of American and Canadian Studies, Rainbow Heritage and the Centre for Advanced Studies present ‘Gay rights in the US: the promise of perils and patriotism’, featuring a talk by Simon Hall, an introduction by David Edgley, and a public conversation with Tom Bishop.

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