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Academics awarded Fellowships by the Academy of Social Sciences

Two academics from the University of Nottingham have been conferred Fellows of the Academy of Social […]

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Voices of BREXIT documentary released

More than two years have passed since the EU referendum took place, and the UK is […]

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Todd Landman, Academic Magician – Subversion

A magical exploration of the ideas that shaped the world with Todd Landman, Academic Magician. All proceeds to Life Cycle 6.

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Making friends with the enemy – with Jo Berry

In 1984 an IRA bomb killed Jo Berry’s father. Jo met with Patrick Magee, the bomber, after his release from prison. For 16 years, they have travelled the world together spreading a message of peace and understanding.

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Changes in the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies

The University is proposing changes to the way in which research and teaching on contemporary China […]

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Norms, values and morality: the comparative politics of human rights

Please join the Research Priority Area in Rights and Justice at The University of Nottingham for a special lecture by Professor Todd Landman, a world-leading expert on human rights. He will discuss the evolution of the international human rights regime, different kinds of human rights measures, and systematic ways in which to map, explain, and understand the variation in human rights abuse around the world.

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