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Science Public Lecture Series: Predatory bacteria: natural killers of problematic pathogens

The latest lecture in the Schools of Biosciences, Physics and Astronomy, Pharmacy and Chemistry’s public science […]

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Profile: Dr Rita Tewari

Dr Rita Tewari, Associate Professor at the Centre for Genetics and Genomics in the School of Biology, talks about her pioneering work in the worldwide fight against malaria.

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Secret sex life a boost for penicillin

Exposing the secret sex life of the fungus that produces penicillin could lead to cheaper and more effective production of the antibiotic.

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Mike’s having a wild time…

Alumni Mike Dilger, of the BBC’s The One Show, has been back to the University both to film and to speak to students.

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Olympic flame fame

Three people from The University of Nottingham have been chosen to carry the Olympic Torch as it passes through the city on its way to London 2012.

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Life class

Former students of a Biological Photography and Imaging course are exhibiting their work in public for the first time

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Biting back

Malaria kills a million children each year. Research carried out at the University could help develop cheap and effective drugs to combat the disease

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