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Family Fun Day

Have a go at creating your own bird or bug mobile, design your own insect, try to solve our fiendishly difficult ‘muddle puzzles’ or learn more about Nottinghamshire’s famous naturalist with a guided tour of the Francis Willughby exhibition currently hosted by the Manuscripts and Special Collections department.

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Francis Willughby and the Study of Birds

Professor Tim Birkhead, ornithologist and author, examines the way Francis Willughby changed how we study birds in what is effectively the most important and exciting transition in the history of ornithology.

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Manuscripts and Special Collections 10th anniversary open day

Manuscripts and Special Collections is holding an open day on Friday 9 September to celebrate ten years at King’s Meadow Campus, featuring displays of some of our archives and rare books, competitions, and goodies to take away.

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Danger and the Grand Tour

Mountain precipices, erupting volcanoes, battles, malaria and the ever-present danger of social failure: travel on the eighteenth-century Grand Tour could be unpleasantly hazardous. Join Sarah Goldsmith (University of York) to explore why Grand Tourists risked such dangers. Could these perils ever be more than a dangerous nuisance?

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Private view of Grand Tourists and Others: Travelling abroad before the 20th Century

There will be a private viewing for Manuscripts and Special Collections’ new exhibition, Grand Tourists and Others.

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Anti-ageing in the twentieth century

Ageing is a process that will affect us all. Throughout human history we have tried to slow down and even reverse the effects of ageing. Dr James Stark (Research Fellow, Leeds Humanities Research Institute) will explore how and why a wide range of anti-ageing technologies and products gained popularity in the 20th century, how our understanding of ageing and youth has changed and reflect on what it means to age.

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Living History Day

Visit the 5th/60th Rifles, an active re-enactment group, in their 1815 Living History Camp. Around 1pm there will be a drill and firing display demonstrating the tactics used by line infantry at the Battle of Waterloo, two hundred years ago.

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Charging against Napoleon- Wellington’s campaigns in the Peninsular Wars and at Waterloo

Admission Free The Napoleonic Wars, which were fought between Britain, France and their allies from 1803, […]

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Hayley Cotterill, Assistant Archivist with Manuscripts and Special Collections

Baptism of fire for WW1 curator

Stories from the First World War are being revealed for the first time at a University […]

Appears in Issue 77

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These are a few of my favourite things

Dr Dorothy Johnston, Keeper of Manuscripts and Special Collections. is retiring from the University after 25 years of dedicated service.

Appears in Issue 63

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