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New Weston Gallery exhibition ‘Beyond the Mayflower’

The university is commemorating the voyage of the ‘Mayflower’ in 1620 with a new exhibition. Amongst the […]

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Private view of Grand Tourists and Others: Travelling abroad before the 20th Century

There will be a private viewing for Manuscripts and Special Collections’ new exhibition, Grand Tourists and Others.

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Anti-ageing in the twentieth century

Ageing is a process that will affect us all. Throughout human history we have tried to slow down and even reverse the effects of ageing. Dr James Stark (Research Fellow, Leeds Humanities Research Institute) will explore how and why a wide range of anti-ageing technologies and products gained popularity in the 20th century, how our understanding of ageing and youth has changed and reflect on what it means to age.

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Living History Day

Visit the 5th/60th Rifles, an active re-enactment group, in their 1815 Living History Camp. Around 1pm there will be a drill and firing display demonstrating the tactics used by line infantry at the Battle of Waterloo, two hundred years ago.

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