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The Watermelon Woman

The Watermelon Woman is set in the ’90s and was made in 1996 in the days when video shops were popular and most people had a video recorder and played VHS videos.

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Lesbian mothers and practices of conception in post-war Britain

Presented by The Centre for Research in Race and Rights for LGBT History Month.

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Cultures. Identities. Sexualities: what makes for an inclusive Higher Education space?

A conversation for LGBT History Month, presented by The School of Chemistry. 

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LGBT History Month at the University of Nottingham

February 2019 will once again see the marking of UK Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans (LGBT) History […]

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The Killing of Sister George (18)

For its time, The Killing of Sister George was a ground breaking film, and one of the first films in history to be released with an ‘X’ rating in the United States.

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LGBT History Month 2018

LGBT History Month 2018 is now underway — it’s the fifth year that we have celebrated this event at the […]

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Help us celebrate LGBT History Month 2018 

We’re delighted to announce our programme of events for this year’s LGBT History Month – taking place throughout February 2018. LGBT History Month is a […]

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Trans Awareness: The Basics

A talk setting the wider context for trans identities, exploring key terms and use of language and beginning to explore how organisations can ensure they are being trans-inclusive. Part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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What Became of Gay Liberation?

A discussion on the legacy of the gay liberation movement in the US. Presented by Dr. Christopher Phelps (University of Nottingham) and Professor Jonathan Bell (University College London), as part of LGBT History Month 2018.

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