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New Director appointed at Energy Technologies Research Institute

The Energy Technologies Research Institute has appointed James O’Shea as director, replacing Gavin Walker who has […]

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Forward to Zero

An Energy Technologies Research Institute Lecture.

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Energy for life: energy solutions for developing economies

The Energy Technologies Research Institute (ETRI) biannual energy conference. This conference’s theme is ‘Energy for Life: Energy Solutions for Developing Economies’.

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H21 Leeds City Gate — moving from Natural Gas to Hydrogen

The Leeds H21 work is a ground-breaking study exploring how to convert an entire city (Leeds in the UK) from natural gas to hydrogen.

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The technology and national dynamics of energy transitions

A lecture investigating time in global and national energy transitions. Featuring Ben Sovacool, Professor of Energy Policy, University of Sussex.

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H21 Leeds City Gate — moving from gas to hydrogen

An Energy Technologies Research Institute (ETRI) lecture, presented by guest speaker Dan Sadler (H21 Programme Director, Northern Gas Networks).

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Transition to low carbon: the role for nuclear in a UK low carbon economy – large reactors and SMRs

New nuclear power stations could form an important part of an affordable UK transition to a low carbon economy by 2050. However there is a range of constraints which could impact their rate of deployment and their ultimate capacity limit in the UK. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has completed two projects intended to better understand the constraints and opportunities for new nuclear. In this lecture, Mike Middleton of the ETI will summarise the results from these projects and the insights gained into the potential deployment of both large nuclear power stations and Small Modular Reactors in the UK.

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Energy Policy Public panel debate and lecture

The Energy Technologies Research Institute are pleased to welcome environmentalist and Founder Director of Forum for the Future, Jonathon Porritt, CBE to give a public lecture. The lecture will be preceded by an introduction by Professor Karen Cox, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and a panel debate chaired by Professor Paul Ekins, OBE around the question: is UK energy policy fit for purpose?

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ETRI Lecture Series 2015: Preparing the UK for the energy transition

In this lecture, Jo Coleman, strategy development director of the Energy Technologies Institute, will discuss some of the key points of ETI energy futures report, “Targets, technologies, infrastructure and investments – preparing the UK for the energy transition”.

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