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Take part in our travel survey and win prizes

Tell us about your journeys to campus and be in with the chance of winning a […]

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Transition to low carbon: the role for nuclear in a UK low carbon economy – large reactors and SMRs

New nuclear power stations could form an important part of an affordable UK transition to a low carbon economy by 2050. However there is a range of constraints which could impact their rate of deployment and their ultimate capacity limit in the UK. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has completed two projects intended to better understand the constraints and opportunities for new nuclear. In this lecture, Mike Middleton of the ETI will summarise the results from these projects and the insights gained into the potential deployment of both large nuclear power stations and Small Modular Reactors in the UK.

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Winds of change on horizon

As part of a series of measures aimed at reducing its carbon footprint, the University plans to build three wind turbines on the outskirts of Nottingham.

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