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Climate change: we are determined to make a difference

Research update from Professor Neil Crout  Following COP27 in Egypt, I am pleased to share news […]

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From ‘me’ to ‘we’ a new paradigm for security

To find answers, we must reclaim the notions of interdependency and common security. Individually, we can (and must) be part of the solutions, but society must rediscover that climate security will only be found through interdependencies (with each other and with nature).

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Greening Everything circularity: putting back more than we take out

An economics of ‘wellbeing’ must live within contracting, annual carbon budgets, in which ‘circularity’ is more important than productivity and ‘growth’ is defined more by nature than consumption. This session will explore some of the exciting ways in which some countries and communities are attempting to do so.

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The ’15 minute city’: connectivity and accountability as drivers of carbon reduction

Disruptive planning; zero-carbon transport networks. Paris: the 15-minute city. Low traffic neighbourhoods and zero-emission zones. Putting communities before cars. Carbon rationing; getting the alternatives in place first. Urban lungs; bringing nature back into cities. The war on waste; lessons in tax and circularity.

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Energy: Back to the future – local democracy, public ownership and social inclusion

This session will focus on the (regulatory) art of consuming less. Smart everything; sharing the lessons of localised, integrated energy systems. Empowering communities instead of corporations. Energy: a service not a market. International examples of decentralised and accountable energy systems.

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Food Security: let them eat what? Transformative approaches to localised supply

War, pandemics and wild weather are tearing today’s globalised food system apart. Spiralling energy costs then turn this into a cost of living crisis affecting producers, providers and the public in equal measure. Beginning with wasting less, what must we do to feed a hungry planet?

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Climate Talks – COP27: Avoiding the Apocalypse

The opening session will look at this existential challenge and the new global institutions (and ground rules) needed to meet it. These are not piecemeal changes. Only the radical is now reasonable.

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