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The Future of Creativity

A School of Education Seminar hosted by the Learning Sciences Research Institute.

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Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day

Tuesday 10 October 2017 marked Ada Lovelace Day – a day focused on celebrating Ada Lovelace, […]

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If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?

Over the past 20 years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a remarkable progress. While AI has been proven to be much more difficult than believed by its early pioneers, its inexorable progress over the past 50 years suggests that H. Simon may have been right when he wrote in 1956 “machines will be capable… of doing any work a man can do.” If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?

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Ada Lovelace Day 2015

Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day 2015 with two lectures, organised by the School of Physics and Astronomy. In our first talk, Suw Charman-Anderson discusses ‘Ada Lovelace: Victorian computer visionary’. This is followed by Professor Ursula Martin, who will speak on ‘The future of proof: will we need people in the age of computers?’.

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Have you got a great idea for an app?

Do you have a brilliant idea for an app that uses open data sets to support […]

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The Prediction Machine at Nottingham Contemporary

‘The Prediction Machine’, a piece of artwork created by Dr Rachel Jacobs, will be exhibited at Nottingham Contemporary. The machine has been developed in parallel to the MRL and Horizon Institute’s ‘Performing Data Platform’ research project, which will power it alongside a weather station fitted on the roof of the Computer Science building.

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