Expiry dates coming to Microsoft Teams meeting recordings

August 2nd, 2022

Over the past few months, Digital and Technology Services have advised you about two changes coming to Microsoft Teams meetings recordings:

  • Changes have now been made to where Teams meeting recordings are stored
  • From Monday 8 August 2022 expiry dates will start to be applied to Teams meeting recordings

Why are Microsoft introducing expiry dates to recordings?

Expiry dates are being introduced to ensure we do not keep recordings for longer than they are required. This will ensure we maintain good privacy practice and avoid storing data that we may not need.

How long will my Teams meeting recording be available for?

As previously highlighted, your Teams meeting recordings are available in the Teams chat, Teams channel or your OneDrive. From Monday 8 August, all Teams meeting recordings will have an expiry policy applied to them:

  • Teams meeting recordings that staff or students make will be available for 90 days
  • Teams meeting recordings that Associates make will be available for 30 days (the Associate’s account sponsor can purchase an ‘Associates Enhanced’ licence to extend this to 90 days)

What will happen to my Teams recording after the expiry period?

You will receive email reminders before the expiry period comes to an end. If you do not take any action before the expiry date:

  1. The recording will be moved to your Recycle Bin for another 90 days, where it cannot be watched
  2. After this time has lapsed, the recording will be permanently deleted

Where do I need move my recording to?

If you are teaching, we strongly encourage you to upload the recording into Echo, as this is in line with the university’s policy on making Moodle the main source for teaching materials.

If you are not involved in teaching, you should move any important OneDrive based recordings to a Team, Echo, MediaSpace or another suitable location and set the expiry date as required. Remember, a colleague’s OneDrive is deleted when they leave the university.

You can change the expiry date of a Teams meeting recording by following these instructions SharePoint. More detailed information and guidance about this change are also given on this page.

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August 11th, 2022 at 1:50 pm

Elaine Mills

Can I ask what will happen to recordings that precede 8 Aug – will these expire too?

August 22nd, 2022 at 10:07 am

Cyrus M

Hi Elaine. The only video files that will expire when they reach their expiration date are Teams Meeting Recordings made after 8th August 2022.
Additionally, those Teams Meeting Recordings can be changed to not expire, expire later, or you can remove them completely from 365, and put them in Echo or MediaSpace. In the case of the latter, those two systems have a longer expiry policy.
Thanks, hope that helps.

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