Revised date for changes to Teams meeting recordings

June 20th, 2022

Microsoft have provided a revised date for when changes will take place to where Teams meeting recordings are stored.

From Monday 4 July 2022, new meeting recordings will continue to appear in the Teams Chat but will not be stored in Microsoft Stream, they will instead be stored directly in your OneDrive or Teams Channel.

Following our previous message about the addition of expiry dates to meeting recordings, expiry dates will not be applied at this stage. This will give you time to become comfortable with this initial change.

We will share further details when Microsoft introduce expiry dates to recordings.

Where will my existing meeting recordings be stored?

Your old meeting recordings will remain in Microsoft Stream (now called ‘Classic Stream’). These recordings will not move from here.

Where will new recordings be stored and how can they be shared?

Any new meeting recordings you make from Monday 4 July 2022 will be stored directly within Microsoft 365:

  • If you book a meeting in Outlook that uses Teams, or book a meeting in the Teams calendar outside of a Team’s Channel, the recording will be stored in your OneDrive (in a folder called ‘Recordings’)
  • If you book a meeting using a Teams meeting in a Team’s Channel, or press the ‘Meet Now’ button in a Channel, the recording will be stored in the Channel’s file section under ‘Recordings’

This change will enable you to share recordings quickly and easily, including externally, using OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

How will meeting participants access new meeting recordings?

When someone records a meeting, that recording will continue to be made available within the Meeting Chat. What’s new is that by default people who attend and people who were invited will gain access to it. It is also possible to share recorded meetings with external attendees as well.

As the recorded meeting is a video file (an MP4 file), those videos will be visible in, OneDrive or the Teams Channel.

Do I need to move my recordings?

The following applies to all your meeting recordings:

  • If you are teaching, we strongly advise you to upload the recording into Echo, as this is in line with the university’s policy on making Moodle the main source for teaching materials
  • For colleagues not involved in teaching, you may wish to move a OneDrive based recording to another location, as your OneDrive is deleted shortly after you leave the organisation

Where can I find out more?

For more detailed information and advice and if you need to take further action, please visit the dedicated SharePoint site here.

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