Introducing the agile working framework

April 30th, 2024

The university is updating its guidance on ways of working to better accommodate the evolving needs of our diverse workforce. This week, our updated Agile Working Framework launches, following the recent publication of our Flexible Working Code of Practice.  

The Agile Working Framework addresses informal, day-to-day flexibility in our work practices. This replaces the previous Hybrid Working Guidance, which was tailored to the specific circumstances of the pandemic.  

The updated guidance emphasises that decisions should be made at the most effective level, empowering line managers and their teams to determine the most suitable working arrangements for their operational needs.  

The university will not be imposing a single organisation-wide target for attendance on campus, instead, we’re providing a set of principles and expectations to guide nuanced decision-making tailored to local contexts. 

This update reflects our commitment to adaptability and inclusivity, ensuring that all staff members can benefit from flexibility in working arrangements, regardless of their ability to work from home. 

The Agile Working Framework should be used in conjunction with Flexible Working Code of Practice, which includes the process for raising and responding to formal flexible working requests under the statutory procedure. It’s crucial for both line managers and staff to understand the distinctions between these differing approaches and when to apply each one. 

The Agile Working Framework and associated documents are more than just directives on physical location; they’re tools to support line managers and staff in crafting effective working practices that align with operational responsibilities. As such, they will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the university. 

We encourage all staff members to familiarise themselves with the updated Agile Working Framework and Flexible Working Code of Practice. There are also comprehensive supporting materials available on the agile working SharePoint site, including case studies, frequently asked questions and additional managers guidance.  

Your commitment to embracing these new approaches will contribute to a more flexible, inclusive, and resilient workforce at the university. 

Briefing sessions for staff

To help colleagues in understanding and implementation, the Agile Working and Organisation and People Development teams are available to facilitate briefing sessions.  

These sessions aim to support those line managing a team in navigating the new frameworks and harnessing their benefits. 

These sessions can be booked using this link. If there is greater demand than places, more sessions will be scheduled.  

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