Update from Safeguarding steering group

February 21st, 2023

The university’s Safeguarding Steering Group has a number of new recommendations and procedures available for all staff groups, including those in student-facing roles.

Safeguarding Training

All new staff members should complete the Safeguarding in Higher Education e-Learning training as part of their induction, available here.

Student-facing staff with close student contact should complete the two-hour interactive online workshops ‘Safeguarding at UoN’.

This includes; Senior & Personal Tutors, teaching staff, student-facing APM staff in Faculties, Mental Health Advisory & Counselling Services, Registry & Academic Affairs, Sport & Library staff, Careers and Employability, Campaigns and Alumni Relations Office, those working with apprentices and under 18s, those working with adults at risk, technicians, hall management and Res X teams, security and the Conduct & Investigation Team.

This training is being delivered monthly on an ongoing basis.

Student-facing staff members can find dates for the training and book a place here.

This training should be repeated every three years – however, there may be differences for some staff, such as those working with Apprentices. They will be communicated with separately.

Estates staff who have student-facing roles will also be communicated with separately about their Safeguarding Training arrangements.

There will also be further updates about new Safeguarding training developed to support staff working with under 18-year-olds.

Regular Safeguarding updates and training will be provided in Safeguarding Leads meetings for dissemination across faculties as appropriate.

Prevent Training

Higher Education bodies have a due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism. It is expected that appropriate staff members should have sufficient training to be able to recognise vulnerability to being drawn into terrorism and be aware of what action to take in response.

All new staff members should complete the Prevent or Inclusive Campus – Safeguarding and Awareness of Extremism online e-Learning courses as part of their induction, available here.

In addition, staff who may have significant safeguarding-related student contact, including all managers in the Wellbeing Service, Safeguarding Leads, Senior Tutors and staff working with Apprentices, should also access the East Midlands Regional Prevent Coordinator for HE/FE led training.

Details of how to book onto this training will be shared with relevant staff groups and attendance registers will be maintained by the Regional Coordinator. This training should be repeated every three years.

Regular Prevent updates will be provided in Safeguarding Leads meetings for dissemination across faculties as appropriate.

Details of Safeguarding leads across all Faculties and Professional Service Departments are available on the UoN Safeguarding Resources SharePoint site.

Safeguarding Procedures

University-wide Safeguarding Procedures to support our Safeguarding Policy are now available.

The procedures provide staff with practical guidance on how to respond to safeguarding concerns. They cover a number of issues, such as record keeping, information sharing, safer recruitment and working with those under the age of 18.

For any questions about Safeguarding Procedures, please contact Senior Manager for Safeguarding, Laura Sanderson.

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