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University renews membership of primary care research network

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has renewed the University of Nottingham’s membership of the […]

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RDSEM public involvement seminar

A seminar to help researchers plan meaningful and appropriate public involvement in their research proposals to improve the overall quality of a bid.

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RDSEM application workshop

A workshop for clinicians, allied health professionals, academics and researchers who are currently making (or considering) a research funding application to the NIHR.

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First University of Nottingham academic to be awarded NIHR Research Professorship

Gisli Jenkins, Professor of Experimental Medicine and Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, is the first University of […]

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Preterm birth: improving immediate care

This symposium will present and discuss research conducted as part of a programme of work funded by the National Institute for Health Research. The focus is improving the quality of care and outcome, for babies and their families, at very preterm birth (before 32 weeks gestation).

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American Stroke Association honours Nottingham stroke expert

World-leading expert in stroke medicine, Professor Philip Bath has been honoured by the American Stroke Association […]

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Take part in survey to shape the future of hearing loss research

Has your life been touched by hearing loss? Take part in a survey and you could help […]

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ADHD study call for volunteers

Parents of children with ADHD-type difficulties are being invited take part in an innovative research project.

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