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Stronger Together – making campus safe for everyone

Courses on unity in diversity and tackling misogyny will be shared with all first year students in […]

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'No Place for Hate' neon text on a blue brick background

No Place for Hate

The University of Nottingham and the Students’ Union’s No Place for Hate campaign kicks off on […]

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Nottingham takes a stand against hate

Nottingham leaders united to take a stand against hate crime at a special event on Monday […]

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Volunteers needed for project on victims of violent/hate crime

Have you been the victim of a violent/hate crime? The University’s Human Rights Law Centre is looking for […]

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Responding to LGBT hate crime

Join the Rights and Justice Research Priority Area (RPA) for a debate on LGBT hate crime. Lynda Kelly of Nottinghamshire Police will be in discussion with RPA Postgraduate Director Hannah-Rose Murray on the issue of responding to hate crime through policing, community interaction and the concerns thereof.

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Hate Crime in Nottingham and beyond

What is the rate of hate crime in Nottingham, and in the UK in general? Why do people avoid reporting it, and what can people within and outside the LGBT community do to spread awareness but also prevent crime? Over the course of the evening, David Edgeley from Rainbow Heritage will discuss how barriers to coming out affect the rate of reporting hate crime, and Sam Hope (an activist on LGBT rights) will focus on their work in campaigning against hate crime in Nottingham.

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