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The World Economy in 2030

A public lecture with Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator from The Financial Times.

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Dave Ramsden: The future of the UK economy

A public lecture with Dave Ramsden, Deputy Governor for Markets & Banking, Bank of England

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After the virus: Professor John Gathergood examines the impact of COVID-19 on the economy

Never before in world history has economic activity fallen so quickly. In the wake government-imposed lockdowns, […]

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Monetary policy in the intangible economy

This speech, which should be accessible to non-economists, sets out some first thoughts on the effect of intangibles on long-run interest rates and the short-run monetary transmission mechanism.

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The World Economy Annual Lecture

The making of the modern metropolis: evidence from London

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How do we survive tomorrow?

A conversation about Energy Transformation and the future of local and national economies.

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The University of Nottingham contributes £1.1bn a year to UK economy, report says

The University contributes £1.1bn a year to the UK economy and supports around 18,000 jobs across […]

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