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Reading Nottingham’s Unread: Republishing James Prior’s Forest Folk

First published in 1901, Prior’s pacy novel is set in Blidworth against a background of the Napoleonic Wars and Luddite riots. It lay unnoticed for many years, although DH Lawrence rated Prior’s work. In 2016, Forest Folk clawed its way into view. How will it fare in the bookshops of 2017? 

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New additions to the DH Lawrence collections

In this talk Dr Andrew Harrison will discuss and interpret several recently acquired items in the University’s internationally recognised Lawrence Collections, including a manuscript of ‘Laura Philippine’ and a rare typescript of ‘Pansies’.

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DH Lawrence boosts UK-China relations

Nottingham’s links to China have been strengthened with a tribute to one of its most famous […]

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DH Lawrence

Lawrence’s beauty blast

A manuscript by DH Lawrence attacking a form of 1920s’ sexism has been discovered.

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More than just a gigolo?

Maurice Roëves has a reputation for playing Scottish hardmen. But he admits to feeling a little “scared” by his latest role.

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Nottingham European Arts & Theatre Festival 2011 runs from 26 May to 12 June. The festival […]

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Lifeline thrown to DH Lawrence centre

The University has offered more than £100,000 to help safeguard the future of Durban House.

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