Planned downtime of IT systems as we move to Campus Solutions

November 30th, 2018

Updated 28 Dec 2018 – the dates for Kinetics and Vision Catering were changed. 

IMPORTANT: Please keep checking this page for the latest information as dates and times may change. Specific times will be confirmed a week before the scheduled work.

As we move from Saturn to the new Campus Solutions student records systems, we must ensure that IT systems that obtain data from Saturn are updated to take data from Campus Solutions instead.

The list below details the dates and times when work will be taking place on various IT systems to complete the switchover, along with details of expected unavailability of these systems.



The system used to access libraries and the loan of books.

This system will be updated on Monday 17 December to Tuesday 18 December – no downtime expected.

After Tuesday 18 December, the pin numbers that students use in their Aleph library account will be reset to the last four digits of their Library Card Number, as shown on their student ID card. They will be encouraged to change their pin numbers after this time.

Students use their ID card or Library Card Number, plus their pin number to use the self-service machines in the libraries, book rooms in libraries and access online forms.

There will be no change for all other library users, their pin numbers will remain the same.

Attendance Monitoring (SAMS)

Records the attendance of students at events.

This system will be updated on Thursday 10 January to Friday 11 January – no downtime expected.

Bluecastle Evaluate

Supports the publishing of exam results and SET/SEM surveys.

Bluecastle Evaluate will be completely unavailable in the UK from Wednesday 2 January to Sunday 6 January.


The Careers and Employability Services department are introducing this new system for managing student and alumni access to their services and events.

This system will be updated on Tuesday 8 January – no downtime expected.


A course management system for training and skills development for colleagues and postgraduates.

This system will be updated on Tuesday 8 January – no downtime expected.

Echo 360/Lecture Capture/Engage

Used to record and share videos of presentations in lecture theatres.

This system will be updated on Monday 28 January – no downtime expected. New module codes will be added into Echo 360, ready for the spring semester.

HEDD (Higher Education Degree Datacheck)

Holds details of students and graduates of UK universities to enable reference checks.

This system will be updated on Wednesday 19 December – no downtime expected.

IDM and IT Accounts

An identity management and authentication control system.

This system will be updated on Tuesday 11 December to Saturday 15 December – IDM will continue to be available throughout this period.

From Thursday 13 December to Friday 14 December there will be periods when the activation of new student ID cards may be delayed by two hours in China and Malaysia.

Kinetics (dates changed)

The accommodation management system.

Please do not make any updates in Kinetics from Saturday 1 December to Friday 4 January.

Kinetics will be completely unavailable from Thursday 3 January to Friday 4 January.

Legend/Leisure Services

Used to manage our Sports facilities in the UK.

This system will be updated on Monday 17 December to Tuesday 18 December – no downtime expected, but new student information will not be visible in these systems during these dates.

Moodle and Rogo

Moodle is the virtual learning environment that is used for students. Rogo is our online exam management system.

Moodle and Rogo will be completely unavailable during the following times on Monday 17 December:

  • UK: 8am to 10am
  • China and Malaysia: 4pm to 6pm

Temporary revision-only versions of Moodle and Rogo will be available to support students in their revision during the following dates:

  • UK: 10am on Monday 17 December to 8pm on Thursday 20 December
  • China and Malaysia: 6pm on Monday 17 December to 4am on Friday 21 December

There will a brief period of complete unavailability towards the end of the schedule before we return to the full versions of these systems. Find out more about Moodle and Rogo availability.

Operational Data Store

Makes student information available to IT systems in Schools and Faculties.

Data will be available for Schools and Faculties to access from Monday 17 December.


This is our current student records management system, soon to be replaced by Campus Solutions.

Saturn 3 is used to add and update student records. You will no longer be able to access Saturn 3 from 5pm on Friday 30 November, but you will be able to view information in Saturn Web which is used primarily to view student records.

If you use Saturn Web, you can continue to access this system.

Please contact these Student Services colleagues if you need to make any essential changes to student records during this time.

Student photos

The system that holds all our student photos.

This system will be updated on Friday 14 December – no downtime expected.

Student Union Elections and MSL

Students’ Union membership is managed in MSL and elections are managed in Student Union Elections.

This system will be updated on Wednesday 2 January to Thursday 3 January – no downtime expected.


Schedules resources (locations, staff, etc.) for the production of timetables and the room booking service.

This system will be updated on Monday 17 December to Wednesday 16 January – no downtime expected.

Timetabling for 19/20 to be available from Monday 7 January.


Used for managing international student documentation for visas.

Validate will be completely unavailable on Wednesday 19 December.

Vision Catering System (date changed)

The meal card system that manages students’ catering allowances within halls of residence.

This system will be updated on Friday 4 January – no downtime expected.

Workload Planning

Manages academic workload planning.

This system will be updated on Tuesday 18 December – no downtime expected. New files containing UK data will be available from Friday 21 December.


BlueCastle Results Publishing and Exam Scheduler will continue to receive data from Saturn for the exams taking place in January 2019. These systems will be updated after this time and we will keep you informed of when the data source will be switched to Campus Solutions.

If you have any questions regarding these systems please email

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