Improving HR, Finance and Procurement systems and services

December 15th, 2020

The university is committed to improving the IT systems and processes that we all work with to ensure they are simple and easy to use.  


The HR, Finance and Procurement teams will be commencing work in the New Year to review their systems and services, and the way in which we engage with them. Processes such as the way in which we book annual leave, book onto training courses, claim expenses and make purchases will be reviewed.   


Initial analysis work, along with the ongoing feedback we have received, indicate that the current systems are considerably dated, do not integrate well with each other, are time-consuming and can be complex. In addition, we recognise that some of the systems we use are not always easy to access when working remotely.  


In the New Year we will be inviting colleagues from across the University to provide feedback on HR, Finance and Procurement systems and services. Through this vital feedback and input, we will commence a concerted effort to simplify and improve these for everyone.  


The HR, Finance, Procurement and Information Services teams will be working together to ensure we obtain input from all areas. After the teams have gathered all the feedback, they will identify an IT system that meets our requirements and brings a significant return on investment. The improved system will also benefit from additional IT security protections and resilience, which is particularly important given the increasing risks that now exist with the prevalence of malicious software and computer related viruses. 


We look forward to keeping you updated on this project moving forwards. If you have any questions, please email the Information Services team.

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