Digital Engagement programme update: November 2022

November 22nd, 2022

As the Digital Engagement programme now moves into the next wave of delivery (wave 3), the Digital Engagement Team share another update for colleagues. (A more detailed update is available on the SharePoint site).

It has been a little while since the last update, and the team have plenty of exciting news about what they’ve been doing and their plans for the coming months.

Find Your Nottingham 

Find Your Nottingham – the new undergraduate online prospectus is almost ready to be launched on the university’s website.

Find Your Nottingham provides a new way for potential students to:

  • Search more easily for the courses they want
  • Effectively browse through all of our courses and related “study with us” content
  • Take a simple questionnaire to be presented with personalised courses and content for them

The Digital Engagement Team have been busy building the pages and new experience, migrating course pages over from current UG prospectus, making sure integrations with other systems like Campus Solutions work properly and testing the experience to make sure it works in the right way for potential students and our staff.

All with the help of colleagues in Digital & Marketing.

There will be much more information coming out over the next few weeks as we get closer to the launch, so watch this space.

If you would like to find out more about Find Your Nottingham, you can find out more on the following SharePoint sites:


Alongside the launch of Find Your Nottingham, the team will also be launching a brand-new automated campaign. New platforms have been set up to send an automated email to potential students who take the Find Your Nottingham questionnaire, encouraging them to return to the website and continue their experience.

As well as delivering this new campaign, the team are also starting to build out Dynamics365 to deliver this year’s conversion campaigns (which encourage offer holders to accept their offers with us).

These new campaigns will be more automated, more personalised, and provide new analytics to understand how and where make improvements.

Digital Asset Management

The DAM (our ‘Digital Asset Management’ platform) is an online tool and framework for storing, organising, protecting and distributing the university’s digital assets, such as photos, videos and copy. Eventually, the DAM will replace the university’s Image Bank.

Near the end of July the team launched the DAM to be live within our programme ahead of schedule, which was a huge milestone.  Since then, they have been continuing to test and refine it to get it in the best place before rollout to the broader university.

In Wave 3, the team is concentrating on some final technical developments and gradually rolling the DAM out to more teams ahead of the whole-university launch in 2023.


The Digital Engagement Team would love to get your feedback about the programme, what is being delivered and how they can improve engagement.

Share your thoughts by filling in this short survey.

How do I find out more

To understand more about the programme you can either visit the SharePoint site to view the latest updates, join the MS Teams channel to get regular updates, or email

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