Update on Digital Engagement: July 2022

July 8th, 2022

It’s been a busy few months for the Digital Engagement programme, and the Digital Engagement team wanted to provide everyone with an update.

Below is a summary of what the team has been working on, what the focus is for the next few months and some of the changes that Digital Engagement will introduce.

What have the team been working on?

Find Your Nottingham
Find Your Nottingham is our new online prospectus and digital experience that will surface relevant and exciting content to prospects. Over the last few months, we’ve been building out the new experience making sure it’s accessible and displays content in the best way. As we prepare for a September launch we’re finalising the build, getting ready for testing, and starting to support staff who will need to use Find Your Nottingham as part of their role.

Campaign Design, Delivery and Management
We believe that by delivering personalised and meaningful campaigns, we can help our prospects feel more connected throughout each step of the recruitment journey and encourage them that the University of Nottingham is the right place for them. Over the last few months, we’ve being laying a lot of the groundwork to identify the most suitable campaigns for prospects and building out the technical capabilities to enable us to deliver campaigns across multiple channels. We are now preparing for our first campaign, which will be released alongside Find Your Nottingham in September.

Our aim is to produce content from Digital Engagement for the right person, with the right message, at the right time, and on the right channel. Using the content strategy which we set out at the beginning of the programme, we’ve started to plan out the content ideas and themes we will deliver across multiple channels as part of the Digital Engagement programme. Next on the horizon is ensuring that we have all the content in the right place, in the right format and with the right message for the launch of Find Your Nottingham and our Find Your Nottingham onboarding campaign.

DAM (Digital Asset Management)
The DAM will provide an online platform for us to store, organise and protect all the University’s digital assets, such as photos, videos, and copy. Earlier this year, we successfully built the first version of the DAM and we’ve been testing this with key team members to ensure it works as intended. We’re now turning our focus to developing the training materials for teams across the University to use the DAM, as well as engaging with our Malaysia and China campuses to establish the best approach to rolling the DAM out to these campuses.

Our new CRM – Dynamics 365
Our new CRM will collect all our prospect data in one place, meaning our staff can deliver a more competitive and efficient service. We’ve been planning and agreeing some key features for our D365 prospect records, such as how we display the interactions that we’ve had with a prospect so that people handling enquiries have the full timeline, and how we can surface articles and guides to help staff support prospects with the right information. We’re also working closely with the Student Recruitment Support Hub as the first team to begin using this product. With their input, we’re exploring how we can build D365 to meet their needs, and how we can build the teams skill to use D365 as effectively as possible.

Help and Support: Front End Experience 
The Help and Support (front end experience) will give prospects the tools to easily self-serve information and answer on our website. Accessible FAQs and articles, a newly designed ChatBot and a live chat function to give prospects another, easier way to contact our teams will mean they can find the right answers quickly. As we have now designed what we imagine this online experience will be, we will now be looking towards building and testing.

The next new product that the Digital Engagement team will be looking at is Events. This will include both a front-end digital experience for prospects on our website, as well as a back-end Dynamics 365 capability to support events bookings. Our team will be working closely with the Events team over the next few weeks to explore the right things to deliver for both applicants and staff.

Survey – we’d love to hear your thoughts

We’d like to get a sense of how well informed and involved people feel about the Digital Engagement programme, so we’ve created a short form that anyone at the university can complete.

The form is anonymous, so your name and email address won’t be shared with us, though we do ask what team you are in as this will help us to tailor our activities to different groups.

You can complete the survey here.

How do I find out more?

To understand more about what the programme is working on now and in future, visit our SharePoint to view our latest update, or join our MS Teams channel to get regular updates. You can also email us on digitalengagement@nottingham.ac.uk.

A more detailed update is available on the Digital Engagement Sharepoint site. 

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