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Mental Health Uncertainty and Inevitability

The event marks the launch of this book, offering presentations and panel discussions from the editors and contributing authors.

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Take part in a mental health support study

REBOOT Notts is looking for volunteers for a study evaluating two online support tools for mild […]

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Asylums, power and citizenship

Recovery – living as well as possible – has emerged internationally as a movement of global transformation in mental health. We are learning that supporting the recovery of people living with mental health problems will involve changing mental health systems and changing society. Professor Slade will describe his research investigating how mental health services can best support recovery, and will then identify the social and political challenges which now need to be addressed if the transition from being a patient (one of ‘them’) to being a citizen (one of ‘us’) is to be completed.

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Dementia: University Challenge

The School of Sociology and Social Policy and the Centre for Dementia Research, Institute of Mental Health welcome guest speakers Mary Marshall, Professor Emeritus, University of Stirling and Professor Gillian Manthorpe, Kings College, London.

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Dementia Day-to-Day launch

6-7pm, Wednesday 18 November in the Senate Chamber, Trent Building, University Park All are invited to the […]

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Dementia Day-to-Day launch

Dementia Day-to-Day is a new joint initiative led by the Institute of Mental Health and the School of English. It takes the form of a series of blogs – mainly online diaries and reflective pieces – integrated into the existing IDEA website. We’ve assembled a panel of authors from all walks of life, each with their own experience of, and interest in, dementia to explore the subject of ageing and wellbeing from as many angles as possible.

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Self-harm: young to get a voice

The problem of self-harm among young people in care is to be tackled as part of […]

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Faulty ‘switch’ linked to psychotic symptoms

Scientists have shown that psychotic symptoms experienced by people with schizophrenia could be caused by a […]

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