Why (and how) the UK should be powered primarily by offshore wind in 2030

Energy is an essential commodity for every sophisticated society and the UK has an extraordinary resource in the form of offshore wind.

We are currently importing large amounts of energy in the form of coal and oil, but could meet double all of our present demands by replacing this with energy created by wind turbines. Offshore wind is not only a cheaper alternative to current energy resources, but is also an environmentally friendly renewable energy source.

This lecture will be presented by the Institute for Policy and Engagement with Professor Seamus Garvey, University of Nottingham lead for Energy Research Accelerator and Professor of Dynamics.

This event was originally scheduled to take place on Thursday 19 March and will now be held virtually.

This lecture will take place 6-7pm on Thursday 20 August. Tickets are free, and all are welcome.

For more information, please visit the website.

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