The Creative Crucible Workshop

This workshop will look at how to translate creativity into your business, how to work on a creative brief from raw idea to finished product and even how key business strategies from the film industries could be implemented in your company.

This workshop will be led by Dr Gianluca Sergi, Associate Professor of Film Studies at The University of Nottingham, and Paul Kirkham, a researcher and writer in the field of entrepreneurial creativity with Nottingham University Business School.

The workshop will cover the following themes:

  • Working as a ‘creative’, from an individual level to larger groups, to learn the art of creative compromise and collaborative efforts
  • How to make your business walk, talk and feel like a creative business for both you and your customers
  • ‘Bounded creativity’, or making the most of what you’ve got – can you be radical with limited resources?

Free, all welcome. To register and find out more, visit the Ingenuity website.

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