Taking care of your finances: as part of Pension Awareness Week

Pension Awareness Week 2022 started on Monday 31 October and as part of the campaign, the university’s Pension Management Service – Isio –  will host a free Take care of your finances webinar on Friday 4 November 2022 at 2pm.

Isio will be partnering with Pension Geeks as an ambassador, with presenters Annie Hodgson and Duncan Hacking sharing some simple steps to help individuals better manage their finances – including better budgeting, savvy spending tips, and sharing plenty of practical examples along the way.

The webinar will consist of three parts:

  1. Understanding where your money goes

The importance of budgeting and setting yourself a goal, tools to help and personal examples.

  1. Becoming a savvy spender – where are the quick wins?

Tips on how to save money and identifying the key areas where reductions can be made.

  1. Where to find help

Signposting to free resources and tools to help you manage money better.

Find out what’s happening across the week and how to get involved.

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