Special Seminar Series: Necessity is the Mother of innovation

This seminar forms part of the Special Seminar Series and is in association with the Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

In this event, John Kearns will talk about the role which necessity plays in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Speaker biography

John Kearns is Chief Executive of Partas, a social enterprise with over 60 staff, working to foster entrepreneurship, business training and social economy since 1984. He has also worked with partners throughout Central and Eastern Europe in developing their social enterprise policies and practices.

Prior to his current position he was a senior manager in financial services. He has held advisory roles at local and national level and is now heading up a new initiative to develop the Tallaght area called the ‘Social + Local Enterprise Alliance’. The first three businesses being developed are in the area of artisan food and drink.

Necessity is the mother of innovation?

Mater artium necessitas – necessity is the mother of invention. Academic research has identified the internal ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that drive entrepreneurs. While ‘necessity’ might suggest itself as a push factor, it also acts as a powerful force in ‘pull’ entrepreneurship and more recently in social entrepreneurship.

The best entrepreneurs are those who spot an opportunity based on real need or are motivated by a desire to make the world better and whose creativity is spurred by their unique insight into solving problems.

This session is designed to examine the positive role necessity can play in bringing entrepreneurial talent to the fore. We will examine how this process can play out with examples from personal experience.

This event is free however, please register online.

For the event programme, please visit the Hayden Green Institute webpage. For further information, please contact Catherine Thompson.

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