Public talk – Daoism: “Be like water”

Join the Nottingham Confucius Institute and explore what water meant to Laozi and how understanding its essence and power can enhance your way of life.

Many of us have heard Bruce Lee’s exhortation to ”Be like water, my friend”. In doing so he asks us to feel like water and flow smoothly and unencumbered by preconceived limits and restrictions. This way of thinking can be traced back to Laozi, the founder of Daoism, who explored the water metaphor and celebrated qualities that rendered rigidity inferior. To flow without retaining a fixed shape and to yield without being defeated is to assume the power of the life-giving element that sustains all life.

In this talk, the speaker will expose what it means to be water in Daoism by focussing on the one book ascribed to Laozi, The Classic of the Way and Virtue. While interpreting the meaning of water can give a comprehensive understanding of the lifestyle espoused by Daoism, acting on this knowledge is the key to elevation in spiritual life.

This event will take place on MS Teams between 6-7pm on Thursday 26 May.

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