New small satellites standards

Chantal Cappelletti, Assistant Professor University of Nottingham, will give a lecture on ‘new small satellites standards’ from educational tools to advanced applications.

Since the dawn of the CubeSat era in the late 1990s, nanosatellites have become increasingly attractive to academics, companies, industries and governments, allowing ambitious mission tasks to be performed using modern and easy-to-access solutions. The success of this platform has encouraged many other players to introduce and share their own programmes, in an ongoing attempt to reduce weight and costs and further advance technologies.

Recently, new standards based on nano, pico and femto satellite platforms are becoming more popular and are showing their potentialities for future missions and applications. This seminar gives an overview of CubeSats and other small satellite platforms, showing details of some recent missions and related activities at University of Nottingham.

This event takes place from 5.30pm, Thursday 21 February 2019, at Coates Road Auditorium, University Park.

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