Ingenuity19 Future Communities Summit

How can we enable greater engagement with communities and individuals? How can new or alternative economic structures create sustainable and lasting models of operation?

Answering these questions and coming up with innovative solutions is the purpose behind Ingenuity19’s social pathway.

Specifically, you’ll explore how to harness technology and alternative economic models to create opportunity and economic inclusion. It’s about giving everyone who attends an understanding of the experience of poverty in Nottingham, focusing on three specific low-income communities: women, children and young men.

As a weekend packed full of keynotes and idea generation workshops, the Ingenuity19 Future Communities Summit will help you explore how to create real, lasting social change through non-profit, scalable technology. With keynotes, challenges and problem-solving workshops, the summit will take place over two days.

  • At Ideas for Change (16 February 2019), we will hear first-hand testimony in order of the experience of poverty in Nottingham. We will also hear a technological perspective to understand where technological exclusion existing and how we can use technology as a tool of engagement. And finally we will be offered first hand data on socio economic fact or low income communities in Nottingham, as well as technology usage.
  • Sustainable Foundations (17 February 2019), will explore how we can create sustainable business models to create lasting social change. We will look across the UK, as well as internationally, for sustainable examples of community enterprise; and will also understand how large organisations look to investment in social innovation.

Over the past three years, the Ingenuity Competition has seen over 1,000 innovators take part; awarded over £350,000 of funding for start-ups; and reached a global audience, spanning countries such as China, Malaysia, Nigeria and India.

What are you waiting for? Head over to our website now and register for this year’s event:


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