Empowering yourself and others at work

Join us at a free breakfast event for SMEs based in Nottingham and Derbyshire, to explore why finding (and offering to others) meaning in our work is so important.

There is widespread acknowledgement in the UK that the contemporary workplace environment can be isolating and stressful. Societally, we put ourselves under huge pressure to always present a ‘functional’ version of ourselves — to effortlessly adapt to the ever-increasing requirements placed upon us by our work, to manage stress by becoming more resilient and to simply bounce back from stressful encounters. This can be especially true in small businesses where we wear many hats, yet it can leave us feeling ever more isolated and disengaged from others.

So what if we moved away from the British tendency of simply ‘managing’ stress and did things radically differently? What if we found out who we actually are as people rather than just trying to be the functional self that society tells us we must be? What if we understood ourselves better and those around us — and felt like we had a voice that would be listened to and empowered our staff to have a voice too? What if, instead of always focusing on the end goal, we learned to live each day a bit more ‘in the zone’?

Fundamentally, what if we felt like the work we did each day had meaning?

Join us for this Ingenuity breakfast event, as Dr John Marks from the University of Nottingham’s School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies and Kris Plumley, MD of ClearFirst Services Ltd, discuss these themes and explore why finding (and offering to others) meaning in our work is so important.

Visit https://ingenuitygateway.com/ingenuity-breakfast-event-24th-april-2018 to find out more.

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