Education Policy, the European Union and the European Semester: soft policy in hard times

This is a Centre for Research in Educational Leadership and Management Seminar.

Presented by Professor Howard Stevenson and Alison Milner, School of Education, University of Nottingham.

Education policy is a ‘national competence’ within the EU, which means the EU has no direct influence over education policy in member states. However, so-called ‘European education policy’ has emerged as a significant ‘policy space’ with considerable influence on how education policy is developed at the national level.

In this presentation we explore the specific role of the ‘European Semester’ and its impact on education policy across the European Union. The Semester acts as the enforcer of european fiscal policy, and the associated austerity programmes that flow from this. However, this system of economic governance also impacts education through the influence of ‘soft power’. We explore how this soft power is experienced in member states, and how it combines with austerity to reconfigure public education systems in individual countries.

This event is free but please register online.

Lunch and refreshments will be available following the seminar at 13.00.

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